How to mash Youtube video with Claim the Earth

1) Visit a video sharing site such as YouTube and find a video you like

2) Within the <embedded> string for a video find something like this.

For example:
  v/CIViuOQBk3c usually after ""

3) Add prefix ",+Cincinnati,+OH+45202&link= " before above string and you will see the video mashed up with the addresses of your choices.

4) For locations without good geocoding support, use the ",-84.514046&link= " to mash your video onto the map

5) The "youtubeRedirect.php" utility is configurable with "type=", "zoom=", "center=" (or "address=") parameters. And, of course, the "link=" is the most useful parameter among them all.

Checkout the following examples (see location bar for syntax):

YouTube example

London 2006

Day Off in London

Love London 2004

Touring London

London Pubs and Parties

London Tourists and a Guard